Triangle Medicare Summit Now Moving to 2020

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Session 1

2020 Medicare Sup Rates NCSHIIP & Agents

Ted Hamby, Deputy Commissioner (Life, Accident, Health) will discuss projected rates submitted by the Medicare Supplement carriers.


NCDOI leadership will discuss ways NCSHIIP and agents can work together and will listen to issues and concerns from the agent community about the agency. 

Session 2

Federal Medicare Legislation and working with CMS

John Greene, NAHU VP of legislative affairs will discuss federal Medicare legislation including COBRA Creditable Coverage, Observation Status, and other federal legislative issues. John will also discuss the challenges of working with CMS on behalf of Medicare agents.

Session 3

Enrolling Medicare Eligible Employees to Medicare, COBRA & HSA Challenges

Enrolling Medicare-eligible employees from employer coverage to Medicare can be a challenge. Issues include delaying Part B coverage, proof of employer coverage, applying for Part B SEP, COBRA creditable coverage issues, employee becoming Medicare eligible during COBRA, and HSA contribution restrictions before becoming Medicare eligible.

Session 4

Working with Medicare-Eligible Veterans

Many Veterans can benefit from enrolling in Medicare Advantage plans, but not all Veterans may be eligible. It depends on which government health coverage (VA, Tricare, ChampVA) they are currently It's important to know the differences.

Session 5

Eligibility for Dual Special Needs Plans in NC

Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans (D-SNPs) enroll beneficiaries who are entitled to both Medicare (Title XVIII) and Medical Assistance from a State Plan under Title XIX (Medicaid) and offer the opportunity of enhanced benefits by combining those available through Medicare and Medicaid. Determining who is eligible is important.

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